I'm happy to have you here on my website, checking out the properties that I have to sell!

As you know, buying land is a great investment. Even if you're not looking to build on the lot, there's lots of benefits to owning land:

Buying land is a great investment.

  • It's tangible
  • A great store of value
  • Hands-off investment
  • Peace of mind

Here at Eagle Land Sales, I aim to make the process as easy as possible for you. Don't have cash to outright buy a property?

I offer owner financing at 4%. Other places will gouge you with 8-12% interest rates but I'm more interested in closing the sale and having you be happy with that sale.

If you'd like to pay in payments, we can figure something out. If you have cash, all the better. That's always the easiest. Closing/Doc Fees are just $99.

After we come to terms, the closing process will be quick and as painless as possible. I know you got better things to do and want to enjoy your new land.

So if you have questions, contact me. I'm happy to answer!